Our portfolio of services and expertise include tailored research and development of mobile and digital health solutions required for the transformation of different healthcare delivery services, providing effective outcomes for both patients and healthcare providers. Our portfolio of services also includes consultancy and educational services in different areas of mobile/digital health with particular emphasis on the developing world.

Digital health and
mobile health apps

Our expertise in mobile and digital health include conducing leading-edge research and development that includes prototyping and testing new and innovative products in these areas.

Our current portfolio of work includes smart apps for chronic disease management and patient monitoring, device connectivity using Internet-of-Things (IOT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies.

We also work on introducing the next generation of mobile health products and solutions that are frugal and aimed for global and low-income healthcare markets.

Our solutions also utilise advanced big ‘m-health data analytics’ and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods applied to improve patient behaviour, education and treatment compliance particularly in the digital diabetes area.

Consultancy services in
mobile and digital health

Our expertise include consultancy and training services in digital and mobile health.

These include delivering appropriate global m-Health strategies and implementation plans of mobile health solutions, conducting digital health policy research and studies, delivering specialised educational and training courses in mobile and digital health for global markets.

Consultancy services in mobile and digital health

Our team brings together three decades of academic learning and consultancy services in different mobile and digital health areas. These include:

  • Digital health intervention guidelines, development of standards and interoperability in mobile health, e-health and expert evaluations of strategic funding approaches in areas of digital health transformation.
  • Delivering digital and mobile health educational courses tailored for clinicians, healthcare providers, and healthcare leaders and managers.
  • Technical and knowledge transfer expertise in areas of Internet-of-Things ( IOT), Machine- To-Machine (M2M) connectivity and other advanced wireless communication solutions for diverse mobile health applications including medical video streaming using 5G networks.
  • Provision of innovative solutions and consultancy services for chronic disease management with focus on diabetes, COPD, cardiovascular diseases.
  • Advanced data analytics and m-Health 2.0 systems.

Innovative digital health solutions

Our expertise in the mobile health ( m-Health) area include the design and development of new and innovative smart applications (Apps) and integrated clinical platforms that represent the next generation of digital health tools targeting niche global markets. These include the development of frugal m-Health solutions aimed for the developing markets and their clinical settings. Examples of our portfolio include new and economically suitable digital diabetes solutions with interoperability and multilingual capabilities that are tailored for patients from various ethnic backgrounds, including the Middle East.