In 2003, ikhare’s CEO and founder Professor Robert Istepanian was the first scientist to have introduced and defined the concept of mobile health (m-Health)

Since 2013, ikhare has been utilising this extensive scholarly and academic expertise to provide a wide range of innovative digital health solutions, particularly in the digital diabetes areas.

ikhare offers R&D and consultancy services in different
digital health areas:

  • Design and development of smart mobile health solutions with customisable requirements.
  • Internet-of-Things ( IOT) and Machine- To-Machine (M2M) connectivity and other advanced wireless communication solutions and consultancy services for diverse mobile health applications.
  • Innovative solutions and consultancy for chronic disease management with focus on diabetes, COPD, cardiovascular diseases.
  • Advanced data analytics, m-Health 2.0 and digital health standardisation consultancy services.
  • Digital health courses tailored for healthcare providers and practitioners.

We have a niche focus for innovative m-health solutions, particularly for international markets and business collaborations, especially in the Middle East, USA, Canada in addition to the UK healthcare market. We also aim to provide our expertise in planning and running mobile health pilot projects in different areas with emphasis on smart digital diabetes solutions.

About Us

iKhare builds on the extensive scholarly knowledge and expertise in a wide range of engineering and computing areas within the mobile health and digital health areas.

Our core business expertise spans a wide spectrum of mobile health (m-Health) and digital health areas. Our in depth technical and clinical knowledge and experience include digital diabetes, mobile chronic disease management, applications of deep mining and machine learning tools for mobile health applications. Our extensive R&D track record in these areas and on delivering mobile health products and services are based on our scholarly expertise and complemented by a team of our dedicated engineering and computing experts in both hardware and software domains.

We are building our team of dedicated and experienced engineers, software developers and business development managers. We are supported by leading clinicians and business partner collaborators that are working with us in our products design, marketing and business development processes.